About us

The environmental division of the
SFA Group

A portfolio of leading brands in their field such as Europelec and Aquaturbo.

A historical core business in Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment equipment with our DNA focused on the aeration business.

A strong international growth strategy over several continents.

A range of solutions constantly ex R&D and technological partnerships.

SFA Enviro can supply a complete range of equipment for wastewater treatment plants – from pre-treatment to sludge management – including the infrastructure elements inherent to these activities.

A willingness to evolve towards new markets by progressively integrating solutions useful to other segments of the environment

More than

a hundred

years of experience

SFA enviro : Our advantages

More than One Hundred years of experience

International coverage through its offices and sales network

The flexibility of a small company, the strength of the group!

Multinational and multilingual teams

SFA enviro : The brands


The companies that make up the SFA Enviro Division are

  • Aquasystems International N.V., founded in 1975,
  • Europelec, founded in 1979
  • Aquaturbo Systems Inc, founded in 1987

The R&D department at SFA Enviro works in partnership with French and overseas higher education and research institutions.

The knowledge of our skilled workers, some of whom have more than 30 years of experience, is perpetuated through recruitment and training programs for apprentices in engineering trades.

A recognized know-how :

Engineering: ventilation, hydraulics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering

Trades: knowledge in boiler making, sheet metal work, welding, mechanical, electrical, and maintenance

Breeding And Fish Industry


Equipment in service throughout the World for more than 45 years

References in various industrial sectors (slaughterhouse, dairy industry, paper industry, mining industry, cereal and brewery industry, oil and gas, pharmaceutical industry, sugar industry, breeding and fish farming, energy production, waste treatment industry…)

Numerous references in Municipal Wastewater treatment worldwide.

Our team

Multicultural and multilingual teams

Our teams are made up of Engineers, Technicians and Specialized Workers, spread over Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States

SFA enviro has built a large network of technical and commercial partners

Discover SFA Enviro Equipment in the International Exhibitions where we show:

VA MASSAN – Sweden, IFAT – Munich/ Germany, AQUATECH – Mexico/ Mexico, AQUATECH – Amsterdam/ Netherlands, AQUARAMA – Belgium, WEFTEC – New-Orleans/ USA, AQUA NEDERLAND – Gorinchem/ Netherlands, VIETWATER – Vietnam, SIEE POLLUTEC ALGER/ ALGERIA, POLLUTEC – Lyon/France, CARREFOUR DE L’EAU in Rennes / France.



SFA Air Aile

Creation of SFA AIR AILE a company specializing in water treatment engineering and process






Creation of the EUROPELEC company - initially manufacturing motors for the SFA group


SFA Air Aile

SFA AIR AILE process and engineering activities are acquired by WANGNER ASSAINISSEMENT - the equipment manufacturing activity is transferred to EUROPELEC



Takeover of the company FENWICK Ecology by EUROPELEC which thus integrates in its product range the slow turbine TLF which made the success of the company



Launch of the AER AS high-speed turbine by AQUASYSTEMS under the brand name AQUATURBO™





Aquaturbo Systems Inc

Creation of the company AQUATURBO SYSTEMS Inc. in the United States state of Arkansas


Aquaturbo Systems Inc

AQUATURBO SYSTEMS Inc. becomes develops manufacturing site


Europelec - Brégy

Modernization of the EUROPELEC production facility in Brégy


Aquasystems International NV



SFA enviro

Creation of the SFA enviro division regrouping EUROPELEC, AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL and AQUATURBO SYSTEMS. Modernization plan of the American works AQUATURBO SYSTEMS Inc. and extension of the French production site EUROPELEC. Integration of pre-treatment and Sludge Management solutions into its product range.

Customer satisfaction

Our commitments

SFA Enviro gathers the expertise of leading companies in their field

After-sales service and Customer Support

The proficiency in manufacturing processes

The availability and reactivity of our teams of engineers and technicians

Significant knowledge and Experience of our production teams


SFA Enviro considers safety to be a priority and regularly organizes training for its employees to make them aware of safety on the worksites (risk assessment, method declarations to cover work in confined spaces, deep tanks, etc.), certifications (CACES, etc.) or authorizations (work at height, etc.).

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Environmental protection is at the heart of SFA enviro’s activity. To go further in the protection of the Environment, SFA Enviro uses recyclable materials (stainless steel, polypropylene, HDPE, EPDM, etc.) in the design and manufacture of its products. The constant search to improve the efficiency of the aeration devices also contributes to reduce the energy consumption related to water treatment and thus to protect the environment.


As a manufacturer for 60 years, SFAenviro is now offering its wastewater treatment equipment worldwide.

Mastery And Control of production

SFA Enviro controls the manufacturing of all its components and equipment. Some of the other components are manufactured by a few subcontractors, whose production is controlled using quality plans that ensure the homogeneity and traceability of the parts leaving their factories. The control of the manufacturing of essential components for the operation of SFA enviro equipment allows us to guarantee a constant and high level of quality in production.

Quality materials and components

All our product ranges have been designed using materials and components that ensure the durability and reliability of our equipment. All our stainless and carbon steels are of European origin. Certificates of origin can be provided upon request. All our plastics and polymers are recyclable. We select motors from the most renowned manufacturers and have them adapted to meet extremely high specifications.

Tested products, Constantly improved

During the development phases, the performance of all our aeration equipment is assembled and then tested, first in our laboratories, then in partnership with INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment) according to the NF EN 12255 quality standard. The company has its own tanks and test facilities to test the performance and oxygenation capacity of its equipment.


The engineers in charge of relevant projects are specifically assigned accompany you throughout the duration of your project.

Their knowledge and proficiency in CAD-SOLIDWORKS Software are assets to define and validate the overall design and specifications related to your project.

Also trained in Project Management, your project manager follows up the production, delivery, and installation of your equipment.

SFA Enviro’s R&D department also works on the constant improvement of existing products, often in partnership with higher education and research institutions.


SFA enviro’s headquarters are located near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The company has sales offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. Several production sites are located in Europe and the USA: production, sales and engineering in Springdale (Arkansas-USA), production unit in Brégy (Oise-France), production unit in Halle (Belgium).

Head office in Paris (France)


209 rue de l’université

75007 Paris


Manchester (United Kingdom)

SFA enviro

4a Beechfield Avenue Wilmslow


SK9 6LX – UK

Halle (Belgium)

SFA enviro – Aquasystems International N.V.
Brusselsesteenweg 508
B-1500 Halle

Springdale (Arkansas- USA)

SFA ENVIRO – Aquaturbo Systems INC
1754 Ford Avenue
Springdale AR 72764

Brégy (France)

SFA enviro – Europelec
Chemin du Blandy
60440 Brégy


Ho Chi Minh-City (VIET NAM)

SFA enviro –VIET NAM

Titan Tower
70-72-74 street 37th
An Phu ward, Dist. 2


SFA Group

A world-renowned group

The SFA Group has specialised in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment since its inception.

Mainly known for having revolutionised the sanitary equipment market – with the creation in 1958 – of the toilet macerator, the group has never ceased to develop – through Europelec – innovative industrial solutions for Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment plants. The diversity of the solutions offered by the SFA Group, both in the world of sanitaryware and in the world of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment or lifting installations, makes the group one of the world leaders in the sanitaryware industry. With more than 1,000 employees worldwide, the SFA Group currently has subsidiaries in twenty-seven countries.

Inventiveness, a priority for the SFA Group

Since its foundation, the SFA Group has been constantly looking to the future and reinventing itself. Water and its Treatment and use are central to everyone’s daily life. Innovation, industrial research, respect for the environment and customer service are the key values we share.

SFA Group is committed to offering high performance and quality products manufactured in Europe and the USA. Our goal is to offer you a constant high-quality service.


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