A look back at our back-to-school seminar!

SFA enviro Seminar

☀️ A look back at our back-to-school seminar!
Today, the SFA enviro team met under the aegis of its General Manager, Vincent Midy, in sunny Paris… 2 days of exchange, commercial workshops and fun activities…

A great opportunity for our Belgian Aquasystems International NV and French Europelec SAS teams to get together or meet each other.

🙏 Thank you all for your presence and your good mood which made this event a success!
Thanks also to :

  • The management of the SFA group, Arnaud CORBIER, for his warm welcome and his availability at the Bosquet headquarters
  • Jeannette Lopez for managing the organisation of this seminar!
    A thought for the absent ones…
    💼 Have a good start!


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