Rental and installation of 5 Aquaturbo 22kW high-speed aerators in less than 36 hours!

 SERVIS, the partner of Aquasystems International – SFA ENVIRO in the Netherlands, recently faced an emergency situation on the site of one of its loyal customers.

The challenge for SERVIS was to find high-performance, reliable machines in a short timeframe to compensate an incident on the WWTP of a manufacturing site of food supplements, in the Netherlands. The plant faced the failure of one of its two 110 kW low speed aeration turbines installed in an Oxidation Ditch, thus reducing the plant’s aeration capacity by half with only one machine operational.

To deal with this emergency, SERVIS contacted Aquasystems International, which, thanks to its rental fleet of 200 machines and the immediate availability of the necessary equipment, was able to answer immediately, while respecting the technical constraints of the site. Following Aquasystems International’s advice, SERVIS rented 5 high-speed floating turbines (AER-AS 22 kW), enabling installation in narrow channels.

Within 36 hours following the client’s call, the aerators had been installed and were fully operational, allowing this manufacturer’s plant to keep running at full capacity, and avoiding a partial or complete shutdown of the production.


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