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High speed floating surface aerator

Axial flow aerator with patented instantaneous radial discharge. World renowned for high aeration efficiency in field conditions due to maximum transfer of kinetic energy to water surface.
Installations range from small tanks to large lagoons due to high mixing and oxygen dispersion characteristic in the form of an apple shaped flow.

High efficiency motor






Adaptable depth suction cone


Anti-vortex and stabalization cross


Protection and lifting motor bracket

  • Soft-edge liner base
  • Large stabilisation cross
  • 100% Stainless steel construction
  • Anti-erosion plate
  • Anti-vortex Vanes
  • Excellent efficiency in wastewater
  • Maintains the same o2 in efficiency over time
  • Exceptional mixing and oxygen dispersion
  • Adaptable to suit varied water levels
  • Water level does not affect efficiency
  • Suitable for various lagoons, tanks, or ditches; any shape or any size
  • Suitable for fixed and variable speed frequency operation
  • Unparalleled water-cooling capabilities adjustable rate
  • Minimal noise in operation
  • Low-aerosol production and low-odour emission
  • Ease of installation – even whilst the plant remains online minimal maintenance
  • Simplicity of design and operation
  • No gearbox, no submerged bearings, no mechanical seals, no blowers, no pipework, or valves
  • Long service life – no consumable parts, no major wear surfaces
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Full Stainless Steel construction (304/316)
  • Heavy duty materials and construction
  • Best efficiency and longevity of its category
  • Reduce or extended draft suction cone cross-cone to suit water level
  • 3 mooring eyes
  • Alternate materials of construction – AISI 316L stainless steel; duplex stainless steel upon request
  • Special cone-cross options to suit application -e.g., flow through design for oxidation ditch with varying flows characteristics
  • Alternate WEG paint plans and colours upon request
  • WEG W3Seal* with brass labyrinth seal for ultimate ingress protection
  • Tropicalised Windings Internal paint system
  • Centered tube for liner protection 
  • Anti-erosion plate
Various drafts options for suction cones

mIN drafts – STD draft – MAX draft

Each Aquaturbo AER-AS surface aerator has a standard pth suction cone with an associated min and max water level range.

The draft can be reduced or extended within the operational limits of each model. Optimum mixing and oxygen transfer is achieved when the correct draft is selected to suit the water level.

Setting the scene
Technical data
MODEL KWrpmmmmmmmm
AER-AS 0075-240.7514550.630.981.82.82.5720
AER-AS 0110-241.114600.6911.92.93.5824
AER-AS 0150-241.514550.711.
AER-AS 0220-242.214400.740.982.23.25.51245
AER-AS 0300-24314400.741.
AER-AS 0400-24414500.
AER-AS 0550-245.514650.851.
AER-AS 0750-247.514650.91.332.83.8101652
AER-AS 1100-2411147011.463410.51961
AER-AS 1500-241514701.081.533.24.7112270
AER-AS 1850-2418.514701.11.733.34.811.52475
AER-AS 2200-242214751.11.833.44.9122580
AER-AS 3000-243014801.
AER-AS 3700-243714801.
AER-AS 4500-244514801.
AER-AS 5500-245514801.382.345.51627100
AER-AS 0750-167.597511.452.93.910.51851
AER-AS 1100-16119751.091.683.14.111.52063
AER-AS 1500-16159751.11.753.34.8122372
AER-AS 1850-1618.59751.
AER-AS 2200-16229801.22.133.555.05132784
AER-AS 3000-16309851.
AER-AS 3700-16379851.
AER-AS 4500-16459901.352.354.055.551535107
AER-AS 5500-16559901.492.474.25.9515.540116
AER-AS 7500-16759901.62.864.56.2516.544128
AER-AS 9000-16909901.63.054.656.41746137
AER-AS 11000-161109901.92.954.86.5517.550143
AER-AS 13200-161329901.92.9356.751852145
AER-AS 3700-12377401.492.394.25.71534103
AER-AS 4500-12457401.532.474.355.8515.536110
AER-AS 5500-12557401.792.894.556.31641119
AER-AS 7500-12757401.852.994.86.551746128
AER-AS 9000-12907402.13.4156.7517.549135
AER-AS 11000-121107452.143.465.26.951853144
AER-AS 13200-121327452.253.645.47.151857150
AER-AS 16000-121607452.323.765.67.3518.560154
AER-AS 20000-122007452.393.895.97.651962157

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