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High speed floating surface aerator

The Aquaturbo AER-AS is a high-speed floating mechanical aerator. It consists of a high efficiency ambient operated motor customized to Aquaturbo wet environment operating standards. The unit is constructed from stainless steel and consists of a one-piece float, a suction cone, and a two flight Archimedes style Screwpeller®.
The Screwpeller® generates a flat and large-diameter spray pattern maximizing the air-water contact zone.
The AER-AS is easily adaptable to nearly any basin configuration. With a lengthened intake cone section, the AER-AS can penetrate water depths up to 8 m. This allows the unit to draw activated sludge of low oxygen concentration from the bottom of the basin to be transformed into an oxygen-rich surface discharge.
Easy to install, robust and reliable, the Aquaturbo AER-AS ensures efficient aeration and mixing for years of maintenance free service.

High efficiency motor






Adaptable depth suction cone


Anti-vortex and stabalization cross


Protection and lifting motor bracket

  • Extended range from 1.1 to 160KW
  • High performance Screwpeller®
    • Intensive mixing and exeptional oxygen dispersion
    • Flat spray – low aerosol and high influence diametre
  • 100% Stainless steel construction
    • UV resistance 
    • High corrosion resistance
  • Without civil engineering, simple, fast and non-stop installation of the process
  • Cooling effect of the effluent 
  • Versatil design
    • Adapted to flucatuating water level with cables & springs, mooring arms, or vertical guide posts with delta frame
    • Suitable for basin depths from 63cm to 8cm
  • Robust and reliable design with low maintenance
    • Premium motor with IP56 rating 
    • Direct drive (few moving parts = low maintenance)
    • Screwpeller® technology minimizes vibration and stresses on the motor bearings
    • Few wearing parts
  • Long life standing
  • Available for rent
  • IP56 epoxy coated steel surface motor to standard Aquaturbo
  • Available from 1.1kW to 160kW at 50Hz (750, 1000, 1500 rpm)
    or 60Hz (900, 1200, 1800 rpm)
  • All stainless-steel construction
    • One piece float
    • Motor support
    • Screwpeller® – Archimedes 2 flight impeller design
    • Intake and stabilization cone
    • Lifting rings
    • Mooring rings
  • Stainless steel construction 304L/316L
  • Lifting hooks or lifting shackle
  • Low discharge deflector plate
  • Screwpeller®
  • Cables, springs, vertical guide tubes with delta frame, or articulated mooring arm.
  • Shortened or extended cross cone
  • Cone-cross with mixer AER-AS/MIX-SL (deep tank nitrification/denitrification)
  • Open cone for channel applications
  • Anti-erosion protection plate
  • Curved round tube for basin liner protection
  • Tropicalized motor windings
  • Inverter duty motor for use with VSD/VFD drives
  • Motor paint scheme and custom colors
  • Automatic motor lubrication system 
  • Intelligent connected sensor
Various drafts options for suction cones

mIN drafts – STD draft – MAX draft

Each Aquaturbo AER-AS surface aerator has a standard pth suction cone with an associated min and max water level range.

The draft can be reduced or extended within the operational limits of each model. Optimum mixing and oxygen transfer is achieved when the correct draft is selected to suit the water level.

Setting the scene
Technical data
Water LevelZone
MODEL KWrpmmmmmmmm
SERIES 24 | 4Pol 1500rpmAER-AS 0075-240.7514550.630.981.82.82.5720
AER-AS 0110-241.114600.6911.92.93.5824
AER-AS 0150-241.514550.711.
AER-AS 0220-242.214400.740.982.23.25.51245
AER-AS 0300-24314400.741.
AER-AS 0400-24414500.
AER-AS 0550-245.514650.851.
AER-AS 0750-247.514650.91.332.83.8101652
AER-AS 1100-2411147011.463410.51961
AER-AS 1500-241514701.081.533.24.7112270
AER-AS 1850-2418.514701.11.733.34.811.52475
AER-AS 2200-242214751.11.833.44.9122580
AER-AS 3000-243014801.
AER-AS 3700-243714801.
AER-AS 4500-244514801.
AER-AS 5500-245514801.382.345.51627100
SERIES 16 | 6Pol 1000rpmAER-AS 0750-167.597511.452.93.910.51851
AER-AS 1100-16119751.091.683.14.111.52063
AER-AS 1500-16159751.11.753.34.8122372
AER-AS 1850-1618.59751.
AER-AS 2200-16229801.22.133.555.05132784
AER-AS 3000-16309851.
AER-AS 3700-16379851.
AER-AS 4500-16459901.352.354.055.551535107
AER-AS 5500-16559901.492.474.25.9515.540116
AER-AS 7500-16759901.62.864.56.2516.544128
AER-AS 9000-16909901.63.054.656.41746137
AER-AS 11000-161109901.92.954.86.5517.550143
AER-AS 13200-161329901.92.9356.751852145
SERIES 12 | 8Pol 750rpmAER-AS 3700-12377401.492.394.25.71534103
AER-AS 4500-12457401.532.474.355.8515.536110
AER-AS 5500-12557401.792.894.556.31641119
AER-AS 7500-12757401.852.994.86.551746128
AER-AS 9000-12907402.13.4156.7517.549135
AER-AS 11000-121107452.143.465.26.951853144
AER-AS 13200-121327452.253.645.47.151857150
AER-AS 16000-121607452.323.765.67.3518.560154
AER-AS 20000-122007452.393.895.97.651962157

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