Submersible degreasing aerator

The AEROSPEED is a submersible degreasing aerator that produces microbubbles which in turn causes grease to float onto the liquid surface.
The unit is easy and simple to operate and install.
  • Robust IP68 cast iron motor, coated with epoxy and equipped with a temperature control sensor
  • Motor specially adapted to the constraints of operating a submerged degreasing aerator according to Europelec standards
  • Stainless steel suction tube
  • Stainless steel frame specially designed to optimize the hydraulic flow
  • Stainless steel propeller specifically designed to ensure simultaneous mixing and suction of air.
  • The aerospeed is a stand-alone piece of equipment ready to use with no ancillaries required

  • Equipment suitable for all types of pre-treatment tanks and oil water separation duties

  • The self-aspirating system operates autonomously without the requirement of a blower or independent air feed

  • Compact and robust equipment

  • Maintenance can be carried out without draining the tank

  • Not effected in cold weather

  • No aerosols or splash

  • Extremely cost effective

  • Mounted on tripod
  • Silencer
  • 304L gold 316L
  • Europelec can supply all the equipment for the aerated degreaser
Technical data
ModelPower (kW)Rotational speed (rpm)Immersion height H (m)Diameter Ø (mm)Weight (kg)
AEROSPEED 0,750.75APPROXIMATELY 15000,8-1,848056
AEROSPEED 1.51.50,8-2,160
AEROSPEED 2.22.20,8-2,464
AEROSPEED 330,8-3,2600105
AEROSPEED 550,8-4,5111

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