Inclined shaft aerator

The Aquaeromix provides a dual function of directional flow and mixing of oxygen into the wastewater below the surface level. The Self Aspirating Aerator has a unique impeller and vacuum chamber design to drawing air below the surface water level.
The Aquaeromix mixes the air into the water and produces fine to medium sized Oxygen bubbles. These in turn provide a directional flow. The rotating specifically designed propeller generates a vortex phenomenon, which creates a vacuum in the tube and draws in air from outside.
The air is transferred into the liquid by the screwpeller which produces fine bubbles that flow towards the base of the lagoon.
The aerator is inclined in relation to the water level and its axial thrust generates a current that favors circulation and prevents dead zones plus ensures effective treatment.
  • Surface Mounted Motor IP 56 protection
  • Direct drive Motor mounted on the framework between two floats
  • Inclined shaft submerged
  • AISI 304/316 or Special Stainless Steel
  • Non-clogging propeller with protective housing
  • Robust and compact design
  • Floats manufactured in polyethylene
  • Nitrification/denitrification
  • Can operate in fixed or variable water levels
  • Improvements in wastewater treatment and mixing
  • Robust + compact design + fully balanced
  • Minimal vibration of the screwpeller® as fully balanced
  • Easy to install & remove from any tank or lagoon
  • Simple with minimal maintenance.
  • Directional aeration + mixing below the water surface
  • Used for holding and shallow tanks, equalization, lagoons, and ditches
  • Ideal when aeration and directional flow is a requirement for a single unit.
  • Compact solution keeps solids in suspension and reduces any dead zones
  • Installation possible in situ without interrupting the treatment process.
  • Independent aeration + mixing (Dual speed operation available)

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