Brush aerator

Directional flow aerator

Bladed Horizontal surface aerator suitable for circular, racetrack or rectangular channel.
Designed to be maximise oxygen and flow.
Use of high-quality materials of construction together with mechanical gear driven equipment.
Reliable equipment with extremely long service life.
  • Brush bridge shaft with anti-corrosion paint
  • Galvanised Steel brush blades or stainless steel
  • Side protection discs
  • Bearings
  • Vertical geared motor with high energy class IE3 enclosure and eciencies
  • Horizontal geared motor with energy class IE3 enclosure and eciencies
  • Geared motor support bracket
  • Upstream and/or downstream rotor cover
  • Automatic grease cartridge
  • Operator safety features on and upstream of the brush aerator
  • Shaft length adapted to the width of the ditch or tank
  • Manufacured using corrosion resistant materials
  • Wide range of power ratings from 5.5kw to 45 kw
  • High quality drive equipment incorporated
  • Can replace many types of brush or rotor horizontal bridges
  • Walkway provided with guardrail
  • Deflector positioned downstream of the brush bridge which gives upto a 10% increase in the efficiency of the units
  • The brush blades can be supplied in stainless steel
  • The brush bridge aerator can be supplied with a grease or oil bath bearings

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