Floating downdraft mixer

The EUROMIX® vertical shaft floating agitator is designed for all mixing applications and operates at 1000 rpm.
The liquid rises to the surface of the tank and discharged at the base.
The EUROMIX® flow-guide pipe allows the fluid to be directed to the base of the tank and can be used for deep tanks. The specific flow created ensures the mixing of the liquid.
The general basis of the mixing being vertical, the water is directed at very high-speed causing a laminar flow by the agitation unit at the tank base.
The EUROMIX® thus prevent the formation of dead zones in the tanks.
It prevents sedimentation and rapid settling in holding and mixing tanks.
An above-ground turbine with IP56 motor direct driven
A composite float filled with polyurethane foam
A stainless steel submerged marine propeller to ensure rotation
Motor support plate
  • Power range from 4 to 22 kw
  • Delivered ready to use (assembled and wired)
  • Easy to handle
  • Allows simple maintenance due to easy access to all mechanical parts of the motor.
  • Simple installation using lifting slings or chains
  • Reletively easy to operate
  • Ideal for variable tank levels
  • Very fast mixing and suspending particals
  • Prevents sedimentation at the base of ponds or lagoons
  • Significant enhanced performance compared with conventional floating mixers
  • Our motors are ip56 specifically designed to our special standards, which is suited to the harshest conditions. this means that the motor enclosure is more like ip58. euromix motors are modified to our own specifications, such as reinforced shaft, sealing and other parts.
Technical data
ModelPower (Kw)Float diameter (mm)Total height (mm)Approximate weight (kg)
EUROMIX 003315201132175
EUROMIX 0055.515201233220
EUROMIX 0077.519001357250
EUROMIX 0111119001509330

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