Low speed submerged aerator-mixer

Submerged turbine operating at low speeds combined with an air blower for oxygen input.
The Sofie® Submersible Aerator/Agitator is a mixing unit for extremely challenging applications. The units minimise blocking or clogging, the Sofie® can be used as an aerator or an agitator for wastewater treatment.
Sofie® is designed to be installed at the base of tanks and to operate either in aeration or in a mixing mode.
Sofie® is a good alternative to mechanical fine bubble aerators and is suitable for ponds with oxygen or mixing requirements.

304L OR 316L

  • Sofie® is essentially composed of a specially designed stainless steel blade rotor,
  • Housed in a vacuum casing with ejection channels. The rotor is driven by a submersible geared motor. The housing is connected to a central compressed air supply via a flexible tube.
  • The manufacture of the geared motor, the choice of materials and an extremely high service factor which guarantees the performance and reliability of Sofie® turbines.
  • Power range from 4 KW to 37 KW
  • Low energy consumption

  • Simple maintenance of rotor and gear motor
  • Maintenance without emptying the pond (crane system)
  • Suitable for deep ponds and lagoons
  • Minimal noise when operating
  • Delivered ready to use, pre-assembled and electrically cabled ready for connection
  • Easy and simple installation at the base of any pond or lagoon, and installed in situ without interupting the process
  • Suitable for continuous and intermittent operation processes
  • Can be used as an aerator and or agitator depending on process requi-rements
  • IP68 enclosure motors

  • Sophie® has the atributes of combining
    robustness with reliability

  • Turbine delivered ready to use

  • Low maintenance

Technical data
Power (kW)Rotation speed (trm/min)In (400V)Cos phiCapacity (m3/min)Diameter air tubeWeightHeight if unit (mm)Height including lifting chain (mm)

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