Suction bridge

Sludge collection and removal

Designed to be installed in many circular clarifier tanks with flat or slightly sloping bases.
Generally used for the treatment of urban or industrial wastewater containing solids that settle quickly and where it is important to be able to remove the sludge as it forms.
  • Aluminium support beams
  • Stainless steel feed well: at the bottom, which dissipates the effluent inlet and at the top, and assists in the sludge being raked towards the sludge discharge cone
  • Sludge cone: collects the sludge transferring from the base of the tank through the suction tubes
  • Suction tubes equipped with extended control valves
  • Stainless steel weir plate and arm for the transfer to the overflow of clarified water
  • Stainless steel blade to collect floatable materials
  • In tank scrapers
  • Stainless steel hopper for the collection of scum and other floatable matter transferred by the surface scraper
  • Geared motor and shaft, allowing the rotation of the unit, located at the end of the arm in a bracket which also serves as a support for other options
  • Stainless steel for the submerged parts alternatively aluminium for the submerged parts, which is the standard version, for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Lighter and more corrosion-resistant units than galvanised steel solutions currently available in the market place. (request options)
  • Minimum energy consumption :
    • Suction and lifting of the sludge made by a simple set of control valves and pipework
    • Motor drive power 0.25 kw max.
  • Fixed or motorised cleaning brush
  • Obstacle detector
  • Grit collector
  • Track de-icing system
  • Rotation sensor
  • Safety and/or access ladder with or without gate
  • Torque limiter
  • Flush for discharge cone
  • All stainless-steel version available on request
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Boat hook
  • Lifejacket

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