TLF Aerator

Low speed surface aerator

Slow speed aerators used for aeration and mixing of urban and industrial wastewater in various processes
Provided in either fixed bridge or floating designs
Ideal for Aerating most types of wastewater or industrial euents
The TLF® Turbine Aerator is one of the most ecient aeration products in the marketplace
Produces High Mixing and Homogenous Solutions in large lagoons and ASP tanks.
  • IP55 geared motor with IE3 highly efficient rating
  • Coupling sleeve and based materials coated with high grade Epoxy Paint
  • Float can me supplied in various materials including HDPE
  • Rotor made of glass fibre reinforced polyester. The GRP has a low density which allows installation without having to empty the tank and the design also reduces the axial loads on the gearbox.
  • Significant power range from 1.5kw to 200 kw (higher power on request)

  • Maximum oxygenation efficiency and effective mixing

  • Various material of construction for all types of applications

  • Flexibility and customisation to meet the customer’s requirements

  • Reduced noise attenuation to meet local environmental requirments

  • Low maintenance floating rotors

  • Can be used in deep tanks and large lagoons

  • One of the highest real returns in the market


Can also be provided with a cover to avoid aerosols distribution into the atmosphere

  • Gear motor and cowling
  • Flexible Designs to allow for aerators to be fitted to existing civil structures or steel bridges
  • Units can be lifted readily and as one piece allowing simple installation.
  • Draft Tubes for deep basins
  • Anchoring & Cables for the Floating version
  • Possibility of mounting the low-speed aerator on a floating pontoon with or without an access platform

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